Athletic Forms

In order for student-athletes to participate in sports, they must fulfill a number of athletic forms.

You must complete the athletic forms online, the pre-participation athletic forms, and pay the sports fee in order to participate. The athletic forms online are to be completed online. The sports fee may be paid online or in the office. All other forms must be turned into the athletic office. FOR THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR, COVID FORM (BELOW) NEEDS TO BE TURNED IN!! 

Students are required to pay a sports fee before they participate. If you need financial assistance or a payment plan, please complete to form and turn them into the athletic office. If you pay online, please send a copy of your receipt to

When filling out the athletic forms, make sure to have information for the following:

  • Medical Information/History

  • If student takes medication you'll need the name of medication, name of physician, etc.

  • Emergency Contact information

As there is important information in the forms to sign, it is to be completed by both the student and the parent/guardian. It is important that both the student and parent read all of the information included in the form.

Authorization to Consent to Treatment Form & Physical Evaluation Form are needed once per year. Please ensure that you complete all of the packet and ensure everything that requires a signature is signed.


If you are a transfer student, please fill out the transfer paperwork form. Once the form has been completed, please come see Mr. Gatti or Mr. Nakashima in the athletic office immediately to turn in your form. We will need to ask you questions before we file your paperwork with CIF-SS to determine your eligibility. 

Download the paperwork, fill out, and send to or

You may also turn in paperwork to the athletic office.